Ostara Advisors is India’s first specialist investment banking firm focused on electric mobility and sustainability, providing fund-raising and M&A solutions to companies and investors. We are based in Bangalore, India and work with founders and investors who have a unique vision around building sustainable technology, manufacturing and infrastructure businesses.

Our driving principles are:

  • Unbiased advice driven by deep understanding of sectors

  • Global Access to Investors and Partners

  • Precision in delivering results

We are, by far, the most prolific investment banking firm in this sector in India today with successful engagements across electric 2W & 3W OEMs, electric vehicle components, advanced battery technology, charging networks and more. We publish India’s first EV-focused newsletter by an investment bank, and have received rave reviews from VCs and industry players alike.

This newsletter attempts to provide a perspective on various aspects of this fast-emerging new ecosystem of electric mobility. It’s a vast and extremely interesting ecosystem, which involves a complete rethink of the automotive, energy and even the vehicle/automotive financing & insurance industries.

Do visit us at www.ostara.co.in or write to our Founder, Ms. Vasudha Madhavan at vasudha@ostara.co.in

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Ostara Advisors

Ostara Advisors is India’s first Electric Mobility-focused investment banking firm. We advised India's first electric 2W M&A transaction in 2018 and work with the brightest EV businesses in India on fund-raising and M&A.